STB EMU for Android
Download STB Emu form Playstore
Open the app – Long press to open settings tap up right corner.
Go into settings – Add/Modify profile and add new
Press into new profile and first tap – name it BritishExpatTV or AussieExpatTV press OK
Go into folder Portal settings – Top one ”Portal URL” add
press OK
Press back and go to STB Configurations.
Set top one to MAG – 254 on normal speed devices and MAG-256 on 3GB or More Memory devices.
Scroll down 4 tabs and se the MAC. THIS mac needs to be sent to the person you buying or trialing the sub from
Wait for your seller to confirm that he/she has added your mac address to the system
Now on STB EMU press back 4 times until back to blue startup screen.
Long press remote to open settings up right corner again. Scroll down 4 to Profiles and there should be
one named BritishExpatTV or AussieExpatTV. Press that and it will load up.
ERROR 1: If saying URL not found, check Portal URL part for spelling
ERROR 2: STB Blocked. Check client area that MAC is added, and that its correct.
If all correct, and still not working, contact your seller and we will help you
 Ipads and Iphones and 4th gen apple tv
  2. On Left Side At The Top Click On The 3 Lines To Open
  3. Go To Xtream Codes API And Click Then Click The + In Top Right
4.Name Playlist What You Want i.e BritishExpatTV
5.Then Enter
  1. Enter Your Login Details For Your Account
  2. Then Select Add
  3. Click On Force EPG To Update
That It Now Done.....Enjoy.
Instructions for smart tv
Instructions for android box

Instructions for Apple devices
Install "smart iptv" app to your Samsung or LG tv, open app and send your mac address to BritishExpat TV, they will create a 24 hour free trial, use the contact me page

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